Cristina Robles

Redesign of the brand and website for portrait photographer Cristina Robles.

Art Direction
User Experience
User Interface


Portrait photography is not something new and the market is getting bigger, in time that, the consumer realise that a portrait made with a smarthphone in a second or even with a amatreur digital camera are easily forgoted.

The consumer searches a way to stop time with portrait photography. They are moms who want photos with their children, they are a group of friends that want to celebrate their friendship, or couples who seek to perpetuate their relationship, sometimes big families wanting to register their longevity through the generations portrayed in the pictures. Generally, they want to save the moment through pictures, either to celebrate, to gift it to someone, or simply because they wanted to freeze a reference of themselves for the future. In addition to people who search for photography for their project and personal brand.


The profile of our consumer covers a big area divided in 4 main clusters exemplified below:

Person 01            ︎          
39 years old
Married, no kids
Successful business woman
Wants an individual photoshoot because she feels pretty and wants to show it
“I feel sexy. I´m thinking about a sassy dress. Who knows, even a naughty lingerie”

Person 02            ︎           
40 years old
Single, no kids
Start up investor
Wants a photo shoot, and a personal branding to get awareness of their social network and webpage.
“I want to renovate my image, look strong, trustworthy, inteligente and also accessible.”

Person 03            ︎           
45 years old
Married, with children
Wants to update the family photos, and register the different generations.
“I want everyone to see our beautiful family. With the pictures of the girls taken individually and the boys all together as if a Polo team.”

Person 04           ︎           
32 years old
In a relationship
With no kids
Wants to gift his girlfriend a magazine style photoshoot, and some photos as a couple to make this day even special.
“She always talks to me about these kinds of photoshoots, like the ones in vanity fair, vouge, etc. I want her to feel like a model, and who knows, I could even have a picture taken with her.”


Looking to the main players - considered by the photographers as benchmark -  I was able to observe that no one explicitly tells about what kind of photography he does: family portraits, individual, baby, couples, weddings, artistic, fashion, etc.

Their webpages are based in the same structure - menu over white, centralised logo, texts applied over jpg, scrolled pages - making it difficult to compare the services available among the photographers themselves. The diference between them is almost none.

Their brands were made to be extensions of personal signatures, complex, and difficult to be applied in other contexts, without the necessary attention and care to become remacable.

Brand proposal.

The main challenge on creating this brand was finding a way to rise the bar in the moment of positioning the brand, trying to be part of the roll of products and services that our costumer are used to use.

Attacking through this point is completely uncommon in what is seen today in visual communication of professional photography (eye icons, cameras, shutters, etc).

This is why the brand has to be modern, iconic, sophisticated, flirting with luxuriousness and exclusivity. The solution adopted was to iconise the C in Cristina in a solid way, using a totally spheric curve base, bold and highly recognisable. Carefully shaped and thoroughly worked on the proposed default values. Therefore all other elements in the brand kit came out naturally.


I chose two different kind of types: Museo sans for interface in long texts, and Crado serif for H1 and H2. The types work perfectly well together and at the same time they’re usable and sophisticated.


The use of colours is well measured. It was chosen to give a leading role to the images and the bigger areas of negative space, and when necessary I made use of a black shade almost 100% and a modern gold that adds a status of exclusivity.



The web.

Thought to work visually as a fashion magazine, the web are inserted in a context tha the user already be and knows perfectly the clean and modern aesthetic the fashion content is.

The webpage - as the brand - work to position itself not as a studio, but as a complete high standard service of portrait photography. “I don’t simply sell a photography, I create an image.”
I’ve decided to divide the web in clear sections, each with a specific function that ends with a call to action to contact and hire the services.


The portrait photography creates a lot of material and most of the players are more concerned in quantity, forcing other users to navigate a long time through a disorganised gallery, therefore, risking the lack of interest before finding what they’re looking for. For this reason, I’ve decided to exempliftcate each photography service as a concrete case (family photography, individual portrait, personal branding, etc) that tells a real story of a real cliente, that could easily be anyone. Besides that, I’ve brought the item “session” in first place in the header stick menu.


Right after exemplified the acting roll, is presented the working tools, starting by showing the available structure for each session. Not only showing the Studio itself, but also all the additional services such as, make up, hair dressing, frame selection, analogic and digital photography, fashion consultant, among others.


The protagonist of the photographer Cristina Robles is complete. Her story as a portrait photographer was presented in details as his awards and recognition. Also is presented  a little bit of her fashion photography portfolio, without removing the user from the context and, at the same time, shows another facet which complements the professional capacity of Cristina.

Support Material

Finally, we can verify the versatility of the brand Cristina Robles applied in materials that forms  part of her Brand Kit.